About Us

Welcome, here the KMSpico Vip this website is all about helping people who can’t buy any product keys from Microsoft,  This Website is in no way associated with Microsoft Corporation. It is created by me & my other partner who works individually and is not working with any organization,

Most of its users think this KMS Tool contains virus inside if you are also thinking the same then you are totally wrong because this tool has no virus/malware, or any type of keylogger or trojan. It’s is a free tool that offers the activation of Microsoft Products like Windows or Office respectively.

About KMSpico

KMSpicois an activator that is used to activate Windows and Office you can say any Microsoft product such as windows 10, 7,8,8.1 and others which is the latest updated without Windows XP.  When you will download KMSPico you are not required to have any license keys to activate your windows and office.

KMSPico is based on Microsoft own announced tool named as Key Management System used for big companies who have hundreds of computers at their office. So, they face problem while activating each and every Windows in this way they announced this KMS server. By using this your computer will be linked to all the other computers which contain the license key.

Now KMSPico also connects you with its server and realize that it is also a part of that Server. In this way, you can activate that product without harming your machine. Even though it doesn’t require you to pay a penny.