How to Activate Office 365 Free with KMSpico Tool [2021]

Are you looking for a method to activate Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2019? If yes, then you came to the right place because in this guide I will show you how to easily activate Office 365 by using the KMSPico activator. Yes, you are now able to activate the latest version of MS Office by using this same tool.

As everyone knows that it is a famous activator for Windows 10 and 8/8.1 but since the latest update to 10.2.2 you are now able to get the full version of MS Office as well. This is the great thing which everyone was looking for because everyone uses Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other tools in their daily life.

Since this is very costly so most people can’t afford it because not everyone is rich in this world. In this way, the developer of KMS activator TeamDaz has added the support for Office as well. So, the users who can’t afford that much money to buy a license key can get the full version for free.

What Is KMSPico Office 365 Activator

This is the most asked question around the internet because some people still don’t know about this activator and also don’t know how it works. In this way, most of us think it may contain viruses or trojans or any other type of malware.

This tool works on the Key Management Server which is the program of Microsoft. In this KMS server, all the computers of a company are connected with a server so when any of these computers install a new Office it gets activated automatically.

KMSPico also works the same it only modifies the Microsoft Servers and replaces it with their server. In this way, you get your software activated without doing anything. Even though this tool doesn’t require any internet connection so if you are on your way and you don’t have an internet connection you can still use it and activate Office.

Activate Office Using KMSPico

As you understand the logic of this activator now it is time to move to the activation guide. The steps are very simple so please read it twice to avoid making any mistakes.

If you don’t know the installation process of KMSPico then follow this link: KMSPico Activator

After installing successfully now let’s move to the activation. So, first of all, please make sure to disable your antivirus or Windows Defender.

1. After disabling the antivirus now open the Start Menu and search for the KMSPico there or even you can scroll down until you find the KMSPico folder.

2. Right click on it and then click on Run as Administrator it will ask you for permission just click on Yes and it will be opened.

3. Here you will find Windows and Office logo as well. In case you don’t find the logo just close the program and open any MS Word or MS Excel or any other software.

4. Now open this activator again by following the above steps and then you will see there is the logo.

5. After this simply click on the Red Button and wait for some time until you hear Affirmative” & “Program Complete” voice notification.

That’s it you are done now so just close the Window and Word or Excel as well and restart your computer. After reboot open Word or Excel again and click on File in the file section go to the Account. Here you will find out the status if Office is activated or not.

In Case you find that it is asking for the activation so don’t worry about it just follow these steps again and you will then get the full version. This will remain activated until you install a new fresh Windows and even though you can get the updates from Microsoft.

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