FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you looking for a perfect usage of KMSpico then here you will find the best Answers to your question about the Kmspico activator, these are the most asked and common issues that everyone wants to know.

What is KMSpico?

KMSpico is a tool which is used for activating windows and Microsoft office, you can use for all activation of Microsoft products, like Windows 10 MS office 2013, 2016, 2019 and another version,

This Software is best in free activation, kmspico is not a virus or illegal it’s only made for helping people who not going to pay for product keys,

Can KMSpico Activate Windows 7?

Kmspico is made for activation Microsoft product in old version windows 7 was supported by kmspico but in the latest KMSpico there is no option to activate windows 7, if you want to activate windows 7 for free then you should try windows loader it’s only made for win 7.

Is KMSpico is Free?

Yes, Kmspico is a totally Free tool to use, Daz team helping people by creating this amazing software that can activate our operating system for free.

What is the alternative To KMSpico?

There is no alternative to Kmspico because it’s the best tool for multi activation of windows and other Microsoft products, In Case you don’t want to use kmspico then you need to go and buy product keys.

Is KMspico Safe?

Short Answer, Yes, it’s a genius tool until you download it from the there official website, we are testing kmspico every version for security reason we didn’t find any pirate in this software, feel free to use it without being a worry.

Which KMSpico Version this best 10.1 or 11?

Kmspico Team made a lot of versions recently they updated in 11 from 10, but in 11 version there is some issue which we found that is 11 version not activate windows 10 for permanent better option to use kmspico 10.1

Can KMSPico activate Office 2019?

In the Short Answer, Yes It can but only 11 versions can activate MS Office 2019 because kmspico old version 10 is updated in 2018 so for that you need to run KMspico 11 which is an upgrade in 2019 they support all the latest Microsoft products.

Where From Download KMSpico Official?

That’s Great you Asked About It, There is a lot of websites that show that these for the official kmspico website but unfortunately these are not, In the best answer official-kmspico.com is the official kmspico website. Only from this website, you can download a safe kmspico activator.

Does KMspico Still Work in 2021?

Yes, Kmspico is the tool which will work for life, So feel free to use it anytime,  the new latest kmspico version is coming soon which can active Apply/Mac office Product for free so keep visiting the website.

Who Created KMSpico Activator?

Kmspico is An Open Source Software publicly anyone can use it for free This Awesome tool was created by Team Daz, They Made A lot of tools which is like this as No.1 windows loader, which is used for activating windows 7 only, No.2 Microsoft Toolkit, Which is used for Any MS Office

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