How To Uninstall KMSPico Completely From Windows [2021]

Uninstall KMSPico is the most searchable term on the internet because most people are still thinking that it may steal their files. If you are also that one guy then you came to the right place because in today’s guide I will share a few ways to easily remove KMSPico activator from your machine.

You must be also thinking that will after uninstalling does it deactivate my Windows or Office as well? So, the answer is no, it doesn’t deactivate your Windows or Office if you have activated it by using this tool. The activation is permanent so it doesn’t require having this tool installed on your computer.

Ways To Uninstall KMSPico

As I told you above that uninstalling this tool doesn’t deactivate your Windows 10 or Office 2016 so this means you can remove it without any issue. There are many ways to remove it some of them we will discuss below in this article.

It is recommended to read all the steps carefully so you don’t make any mistakes during uninstallation. Ok, so let’s move to our Uninstall KMSPico Guide:

Uninstall From Add/Remove Program

This is one of the easiest and the only method which doesn’t require any third-party software. It is the Windows own built-in feature that lets you easily Add (Install) or Removes (Uninstall) any unwanted software.

To remove completely follow these steps:

1. Open Start Menu and search for the Control Panel and single click on it to open.

2. Now switch to Category View if you are using Large or Small Icons View because it will simplify everything and help you to find it easily.

3. Ok, so now you see every setting is Categorized so you have to find Programs category and under that, you see there is another option as Uninstall Program.

4. After you click on Uninstall Program you will see a new Windows appear where you find all installed programs in your machine.

5. Scroll Down and you will see the KMSPico logo there so either you can Double Click on it or right-click on it and then click on Uninstall.

6. It will ask you for permission if you want to remove it so just click on yes and you will see the uninstall Window.

7. Follow all the instructions and within a few seconds, the program will be completely removed from your computer.

Remove KMSPico Using IObit Uninstaller

If you think that the above method is not enough for you and you also want to delete the registry files as well. Then in this case you have to use the IObit Uninstaller tool, this is one of the best tools which removes the registry files and removes the program at the same time.

As you know that deleting registry files manually may cause serious damage to your computer and it is not recommended to everyone. In this way, if you are not sure which is the right registry file of a specific program I would highly recommend you to go with this software.

Ok, so let’s now check the steps how you can remove it by using this IObit tool:

1. First of all download this software by going to this URL Download IObit Uninstaller Free.

2. Install it on your machine as you usually install other software there is no any special permission you will be asked.

3. Ok, so when the installation is done you will find the IObit icon on your Desktop. So right-click on it and then click on Run as Administrator it may ask for permission so click Yes and it will be opened.

4. Here you will find all the installed software on your Computer now select the KMSPico and a new button will appear labelled as Uninstall.

5. Click on that button and it will open a new window, don’t click on uninstall again. First, select the Remove Residual Files Automatically and then you need to click on Remove.

That’s is now wait for a few seconds until you find a message “Program Removed Successfully”. Now it’s time to reboot your computer and Voila the App is removed successfully from your computer.

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