Is KMSPico Safe

The most asking question around the internet is the “Is KMSPico Safe to Use”. If you are that one who is also looking for a similar answer or want to ask that question. Then you came to the right place because in today’s guide I will discuss the most trending topic on the internet.

Before we begin first of all let’s talk about the KMSPico activator. As everyone knows that it is a free tool that offers you to activate the Microsoft Windows operating system and the MS Office without paying money. This works on the Key Management Server which is introduced by Bill Gates for medium to large businesses, Schools & Hospitals.

What KMSpico does change the installed key with a volume license key, generate an emulated example of a KMS server on your device, and force the products against this KMS server to activate.

You may see some weird entries in the log of your firewall as it activates bypassing the localhost as a distinct IP which is normal. In spite of these things, it is 100% safe and clean to use.

Is KMSPico Virus?

Most people believe that KMSPico contains malware and virus which are only rumours. Because this tool is clean and it is scanned by the virus total which found no virus in it. Even though there are some Antivirus Programs that consider it as a Virus.

This is because most of these activators’ tools are blacklisted by these antiviruses. The reason behind this is that they modify system files and activate programs in an unexpected way which is considered an illegal activity.

Is KMSPico Safe to Use?

Yes, KMSPico is 100% safe and secure to use, it is scanned by Virus Total and found no Virus or Trojans in it. Some people claim that it has a virus because there Antivirus shows them as malware. This is because these types of activators are blacklisted in Antivirus programs.

Why Use KMSPico

Who doesn’t use the Windows Operating System? Of course, almost every third person uses this OS in your Personal Computers. It is the most used OS around the world if we compare it to the macOS and the Linux OS. This is used in almost every field whether you work on Office, Huge Company, Hospital, or even in Schools because it is easy to operate as compared to other OS’s.

So, you will be thinking that it’s a common thing which everyone knows? Of course, it is, but the point is that Linux and macOS are free operating systems since Windows is not free. Yes, Windows comes with 30 days of free trial which later expires and you will be then asked to purchase a license. If you don’t do so then you will be restricted from using most of its features.

This is the biggest reason to use KMSPico is that it provides you with a free and genuine license key of Windows & Microsoft Office. Yes, you heard that right this is the best solution for those who are fed up with searching a free license key and waste their whole time by getting expired or fake keys.

How To Uninstall KMSPico

Somehow if you are still not sure about this activator then don’t get worried. If you just activated your Windows or the Office by using this tool then you can even uninstall it. By uninstalling KMSPico you won’t lose your activation so it is safe to remove it.

You can remove this tool by following the below steps:

  • Open Start Menu and then scroll down or search for the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Category View if you are using a Large Icon or Small icon view.
  • Everything will be categorized and you then need to look for the Programs section.
  • Under Programs, you will find the Uninstall a Program.
  • Click on that and a new window will pop-up where all installed programs will be shown.
  • From here scroll down and look for the KMSPico.
  • After searching double click on it or Right-Click and then click on Uninstall.
  • It will open an Uninstall window follow all the instructions and within a few seconds, it will be permanently removed from your computer.
  • If it asks for Reboot then press Yes because in this way it removes other log files.

How To Download Official KMSPico

The download procedure is not very difficult our website doesn’t use any type of Pop-up or Pop-under advertisements. Even we don’t use other fake download buttons that contain ads or other types of links instead of the original file.

In case if you are new to our website then you should read this guide to know how you can easily get KMSPico from here.

All you need to do is click on this link Download KMspico Activator and you will see more information about this tool.

Ok, so scroll download and you will find the Download KMSPico Now button. Just click on that button and you will be redirected to the Mediafire page.

On this page you see another download button labelled as Download Now so simply click on it. This will take 5 seconds and after this, the download will start automatically.

It may ask you to choose the location where you want to save it. I would recommend saving it on your desktop which helps you to find the file easily.

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